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Information  09-03-2019, 05:52 PM -
Forum & Community Rules

§ 1 General Rules
§ 2 Community Structure
§ 3 Forum Specifics and Guidelines

By registering on the forum, participating in our Discord, Teamspeak, in-game servers or any other part of our infrastructure you agree to the following set of rules. The Bad Name Studios forum, website, Discord, Teamspeak and in-game servers will from now on be adressed as 'community infrastructure' or 'infrastructure'.

§ 1 General Rules

These rules are in effect across the entire community infrastructure.

§ 1.1 No derogatory or discriminatory remarks based on ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, nationality or gender
Hate speech of any kind will not be tolerated. This community is home to people of different ethnicity, religion, nationality, gender.

§ 1.2 No trolling, flaming or insults on a personal level
The community space is open and friendly, absolutely no kind of trolling in the form of(but not limited to) deliberately trying to provoke a pointless argument(flame-baiting), personal insults, verbal attacks, encouragement of suicide, death threats or harassment through PMs/insulting users across any of our platforms.

§ 1.3 No spamming, no quote pyramids
Use appropriate places for posting relevant information. Spamming includes(but is not limited to) forum multi-posting with the same ideas/sentences, quote pyramids, posting the same content across multiple boards/channels, posting unnecessary or excessive images or gifs.

Some places intended for off-topic discussion or bot channels will tolerate 'more spam'.

§ 1.4 No piracy, warez, cracks, hacks, key generators or talk about anything similar
You are not allowed to facilitate any infringement of copyright or obtaining materials that infringe copyright whether by explicit/implicit written suggestion or through supplying such materials directly. You are not allowed to link any pirate or other copyright infringing websites/links. No promotion or endorsement of copyright infringement. Infringement of this rule will result in an immediate mute and possible ban depending on the severity of the breach.

§ 1.5 No inappropriate content - pornography, gore, illegal or other
The public parts of our infrastructure are used by both pre-teens and elderly people. No graphic images, pornography or similar is allowed on these public areas. Areas marked with [NSFW] are accessible on-request to the moderators. However even in these areas, linking to or posting illegal or graphic material, such as video or photographs of a person's death, child pornography, graphic scenes of violence, gore, etc. is against the rules and will be dealt with most harshly.

§ 1.6 Avatars and signatures
Avatars and signatures must follow the rules stated in § 1.1 and § 1.5. That means no deliberately offensive profile pictures and signatures. This includes(but is not limited to), pictures of members of totalitarian regimes(Nazi Party, Communist Party etc.), nudity, racist groups. Moderators and Administrators may choose, without due warning, to alter your account as they see fit and further actions may be taken depending on the content.

§ 1.7 Privacy and data protection
Personal Messages (PMs) sent between users, and chat logs from external private messaging systems or emails, are considered private discussions. Conversations held via these communication channels should not be posted on the forum, teamspeak or discord for public viewing. Posting others' images obtained from social media(Twitter, Facebook) is strictly prohibited and will be strictly punished. No one should have to worry about his private info 'leaking' on these grounds. You may post PMs, screenshots etc. with express written permission of the user in question.

§ 1.8 Alt-accounts and dupes
Circumventing a mute/warning by making an alternative account on any part of our infrastructure will turn into an instant ban. No double accounts or dupe accounts are allowed except on a case-basis. If you have the need for a second forum or other account, contact the administration via

§ 1.9 The administration has the last word
The BNS administration reserves the right to enforce and enact these rules and policies as they see fit. Not all situations can be covered by the rules, try to use common sense. If you have any complaints, you can always contact us at

§ 2 Community Structure
§ 2.1 Community Division
The Bad Name Studios Community is divided into the following ranks:
  • 1. Guest - Non affiliated users of our platforms.
  • 2. Member - Members accepted into the official community.
  • 3. Staff - Includes all moderators(forum), community administrators(Discord) and lower level server administrators(Teamspeak and in-game servers).
  • 4. Community Manager - Responsible for the overseeing of the moderation, and server administration teams.
  • 4. Regimental Coordinator- Responsible for the activity and growth of our regimental projects.
  • 4. Developer - Responsible for the development of our software projects and platforms.
  • 5. Executive
§ 3 Forum Specifics and Guidelines

§ 3.1 Don't abuse the report function
Don't use the report function to harass, insult, flame or make falsified claims about users.

§ 3.2 Keep the announcements and important threads relevant
Don't post memes, irrelevant images or off-topic stuff on important announcements and discussions.

§ 3.3 Miscellaneous tips
  • The swear filter is turned on by default for joining members, you can turn it off in your profile settings.
  • Chatroom abbreviations belong to Discord or Teamspeak. If you can't be bothered to type out a coherent, intelligent post then don't expect anyone to type out a coherent, intelligent response.
  • Always check to see if a topic you want to make already exists. Always try to give specific names to your topics.
  • If you wish to talk to another poster privately, use personal messages(PMs).
  • Try to stay on topic.
  • You can edit/modify your posts. Don't double post if you don't have to.
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