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Exclamation  09-02-2019, 11:50 PM -
Greetings everyone and welcome(yet again!!) to the new forum. 
I was not entirely happy with what SMF can offer nowadays compared to more modern forum software. For now, we'll be using MyBB but it's very likely we'll be switching to either IPB or XenForo once Bannerlord hits and we need the forum much more. If that future switch should happen we'll transfer all of the data unlike now.

We're moving forward with a better forum design. I already implemented a bunch of plugins to make everything more slick.
The forums may have not had great activity during 2017/18, however they always served an important information role for mod and community players. Besides this, the plan is to make the forums more appealing to the users. It is a very important tool for organization, and you can expect that from now on the forum will contain topics or information that you will need to read in order to participate in some special events, promotions etc. The forum is open to the entire mod and other community. We've got a bunch of different boards so feel free to post stuff.

The forums aren't 100% set up yet because we'll tailor it according to what we need in the future. It's fully functional however and you're free to post stuff.
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